Shayanne Gal

A passionate photographer driven by a love for communications, cultural exchange, and making the world a smaller, more connected space through collective visual experiences.  

A creation enthusiast, trilingual avid language learner, and a proponent of international relations, I am always seeking to evolve creatively in dynamic environments wherever the globe may take me. With my DSLR around my neck at all times, I am inspired in documenting my travels and using my digital skills to capture the beauty of the world around me, and to promote causes, people, and brands I care for and believe in. 

Writing, storytelling, and shedding light on the complex human experience are a few of my favorite motivators. Social justice, technological innovation, and cultural identity are topics that inspire me.

Most recently, I co-pioneered Voices of Refugees, a collective platform sharing international refugee stories with an emphasis on the human perspective of the global crisis. I am currently selling prints and products in my Society6 Store, where 15% of the proceeds go towards Ritsona Refugee Camp.

Recent locations: USA // Chile // Peru // Argentina // Uruguay // Israel // Greece

Current location: New York, USA

. . in the world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself . .

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I am always looking to connect with other creative individuals, collaborate on projects, and innovate in the digital industry. I am also available for commercial commissions

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